Monday, July 11, 2005

Books, Beauty, and Binding

I had an opportunity to get some research done at the Library of Congress today. I was in the main reading room of the Jefferson Building--which is the older building--and it is gorgeous. You're scribbling your notes under this beautiful 160-foot high dome with gildwork, mural paintings and statues everywhere. The only thing was the process. Definitely not your local library. You turn in a slip and 45 mins. later (or less) the book is brought to your desk. Voila! Great thing is, there's literally (no pun intended) just about every book you can think of. I finally got a chance to read African American quilt historian and scholar Cuesta Benberry's Always There: The African American Presence in American Quilts. Since it's out of print, it was a real treat.

As for quilts, my copy of my cousin's CD came today and I can see her photograph clearer. I'm ready to start the Jazz Quilt now.

As for "Tish Groove", I have to finish the beading on it and bind it. Oooooooo...

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