Friday, July 15, 2005


I know that a lot of you in the AQ ring are going to relate to this:

After 3--count 'em--three months, I FINALLY got the Artful Quilters logo button to appear in the sidebar! Turns out I accidentally deleted a part of the code when I dropped it into my template.

I just had to share that, lol.


Lissy said...

I completely get it; I'm still trying to get my little ID photo up on my blog. So much for being tech savvy. Happy for ya, Cornelia

Frances said...

I very much relate to this I'm still trying to work out lots of things,
when I get stuck on this computer stuff I always think I could be sewing, gardening etc. but I am glad I have the computer and internet so guess its worth the hassle,

jenclair said...

I can certainly relate. I had a terrible time getting the logo. Had to have Diane remove me and rejoin! Computer savvy is an admirable gift, and I wish I had some.