Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Lovely Sam-Soon

It's a K-Drama Katastrophe!

What is it with me having to go of town during the very last episodes of these?! Why?! Regular readers know that I love Korean dramas on AZN. The latest and even better than the rest has been "My Lovely Sam-Soon." One of the highest rated shows all over Asia (and Hawaii!), Sam-soon (actress Kim Soon-Ah) is a 29-year old pastries chef. Slightly overweight (by Korean standards I guess, since I think she looks fine), outspoken, and constantly teased about being an "old maid," she is dumped by her boyfriend during the Holidays. In danger of losing her home, she agrees to be a fake girlfriend to rich guy Jin-Heon (actor Hyun Bin) to throw off his mom and pay the debt. Toss in an ex that comes back from the States into his life and the supercute hottie doctor who loves her, and the hilarity ensues. Sam-soon's down to earth and truly speaks her mind--more than any other female lead character I've seen in a K-drama so far. This is a hilarious, well-written (and subtitled) show. Imagine a Korean "Bridget Jones" and you'll understand why I love it.

And, darn it, I'm going to miss the first episide of the new one "Full House!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quiet Peace In the Country

I was down at my family's country house this weekend with my grandmom and great-aunt, which is always relaxing. We talked non-stop. I am very close to both of them and enjoy my time with the two of them. They put me--who is a very non-domestic type--through some hard manual labor, lol, washing dishes after a big dinner for an hour and hoeing and raking the family cemetery. I didn't mind at all though, as I didn't want them doing it, even though at one point I joked about "following the drinking gourd."

I brought Nicole (my best friend from college) with me--as I thought she could use the getaway, lol. I always like to share the peace and quiet that is being down there. The way the leaves rustle through the trees. The stars scattered across the night sky. The breezes and freshness of the air. The deer bounding across the field. The visits from our neighbor's dogs. The sense of being on land that my ancestors have had for generations.

She took full advantage of it by reading, writing, or painting outside on the porch or on a blanket under our plum tree. I know she just went through a bad breakup recently and hope that she found some healing solace in it all. Everything's so familiar and comforting for me there, that I'm glad that she got to feel like that too.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Podcast Episode! Quilting Hang-ups and Emotions

The second episode of Sew Chick: The Podcast is ready!!

I sat down with psychologist Dr. Cynthia Sparrow and we chatted about how to deal with clutter (I've seen your studios and stashes out there!), procrastination, self-doubt and envy. We also talk about entering shows and dealing with rejections.

I had a lot of fun talking to her and I hope that you all enjoy the interview!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Love You Janome Sewing Machine & Table!

That's it. I'm leaving my husband for my sewing machine and extension table. I love you Janome 6260QC and extension table. I LOVE YOU! LOL!

D. knows that I'm joking, but even he sat down at it (and pushed the foot pedal for a moment before jumping up and running) and admitted that my spankin' brand new Janome extension table is as "ooooooo" and "ahhhhh" as I couldn't stop saying. I can thank Mrs. Mel for that as I saw hers in a photo on her blog and it sparked an accessory envy that was so bad that I had to have one for myself. I twitched all through a Janome factory backorder, but it came. My supercool table finally came. Ooooo y'all. All sorts of creative ideas are floating through my mind to put it through its paces.

What also came was some very cool Nelson Mandela fabric that I ordered from Kyra Hicks, the author of Black Threads: An African American Quilting Sourcebook. It's a heavy cotton canvas from South Africa. It's pretty eyecatching, huh?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from Princeton

I was in Princeton for a chorus seminar for work. It was pretty cool...

Okay, a comment in Monday's posting led me to thinking: Do we associate rejection letters with being rejected? My poster says we shouldn't , as it can lead to different thought, and I agree.

Although they don't make me feel bad or rejected, I think many of us do. How do some of you cope with them?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Addicted to Korean Dramas

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that my husband and I love Korean dramas that come on the AZN network. I don't know, we find the characters engaging and enjoy the peek into Korean culture. Pretty well-subtitled, they only run for a few weeks--about 20 episodes--just enough to leave you wanting more.

On "As You Wish" (Ruler of Your Own World), Bok-su (played by actor Yang Dong-Geun) is a charming, young pickpocket who finds out he has cancer and goes about trying to live his life to the fullest. We get to follow his adventures (and trials) as he does so. Not a downer at all, it particularly focuses on his relationship with Gyeong (Lee Na-Young), a musician who sweeps him off his feet, and his ex--the bossy, fiesty Mirae. I thought it was funny, thoughtful and well-written.

I'm going to be in Princeton and miss the very last two episodes after not missing one at all! Sigh. "My Lovely Samsoon" starts next week, LOL.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Reviews and Rejections? "Fffft" on That!

I've been reading Anna Deavere Smith's Letters to a Young Artist. So inspirational for creative folk. Pick it up!

I thought about how rejections and negative critiques and reviews can be so hurtful to our creative psyche. I once asked a well-known symphony chorus conductor how he felt about reviews and how he dealt with negative ones. He raised an eyebrow, looked at me and grimaced. "Fffft!" he practically hissed in disgust. "I don't. I just can't pay attention to them. I think about how I discuss and disagree with my colleagues. Imagine if we were writing the review--you'd have one person who loved it and another who hated it. It is too subjective. It is also scary that one person can wield that much power." I agreed.

As a writer, I deal with rejection letters and that constant nagging "Oh I measure up?" little voice in my head sometimes too. As art quilters, we deal with those same things, just like any other creative type: rejections from shows, envy, self-doubt, fear. It's how we actually cope with this that makes all the difference.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Art Sewciety Bleach Discharge Day Photos!

Finis (ABOVE) picks up her pre-bleached fabric...
Elle lays bleach gel over plastic canvas
Bennie and some of the supplies...
Elle's stitch resist before the bleach dip
Winifred spraying bleach over gingko leaves

I'm sorry everyone! I thought I posted these already! We had a great time experimenting with different bleach discharge techniques. We used 100% bleach for dipping, 100% in a spray bottle, diluted in a spray bottle, tick and thin versions of bleach gel, Ajax-style cleanser, and bleach pens. I even went Jackson Pollock and poured/threw bleach onto the fabric!

Enjoy the pics! You can hear what happened on the Podcast!