Sunday, February 13, 2011

On the Journey of Hope Exhibit...

In a recent email to the artists involved, I was suprised--yet somehow not surprised--to read about the difficulties that Dr. Mazloomi has been having with the Journey of Hope exihibit featuring quilts made in honor of Obama's inauguration: 
"I must say, booking the exhibition has been extremely difficult. Most museums were afraid to take it, or had staff or patrons that didn't like the president. I found it amazing how deep the hatred is of President Obama. Some institutions were threatened with violence and withholding of operational funds if they took the show!"
I don't feel like going into a political discussion or what usually devolves into a "not-discussion" here. It just makes me sad that institutions dedicated to art or history and showing all facets of culture were threatened with violence or a cutting of funds. *sigh*