Saturday, July 30, 2005

Children & Fools

You know the saying about how God loves children and fools, because I sure did run around like a raving lunatic today. If only you knew what I went through to get those slides off for Jazz Quilt. You'd be surprised at the lack of quick slide turnarounds anymore.
  1. Bought a cheapo 35mm film camera which promptly auto-rewound my slide film @ 3am.
  2. Ran to the pro-photo shop in the morning to buy 2 more (in case the camera got hungry again)
  3. Took photos of quilt to give slides to hubby to run to a Georgetown photo lab
  4. Clutch cable on car broke on hubby en route to me @ work downtown
  5. Hubby's best friend is in vicinity of my office and takes slides to G'town for me instead
  6. I go to company picnic
  7. Hubby, after car in to auto shop, picks me up and we pick up slides
  8. We go to FedEx. Bye bye slides!
Whew! What a load off!

1 comment:

Karoda said...

ooo, it certainly seems like Mr. Murphy of Murphy's law was high tailin' on your heels ;) Glad you showed him who's boss!