Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Between all of the exhibits and Ethiopian food and doing nothing all day today (which was wonderful!), my husband and I went to a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday for a friend of ours. He was genuinely surprised (his fiancee's ruse being that there was a bug she needed him to get from the room). He was really happy to see us, as he hadn't seen my husband since we all shared a room together in a haunted castle in Ireland (a-HA! Now there's a whole other story to tell!) back in November. That made us instant friends for certain.

As everyone else was leaving, our friends asked us to stay and we ended up talking and laughing for hours and hours and had dinner together. They had recently moved into their very pretty home, which became theirs through sheer serendipity. What a great time we had! It's always nice when you realize you have made friends that you genuinely like and enjoy their company, isn't it?

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