Saturday, July 02, 2005

Alison's Exhibit @ the Australian Embassy

Today, on its last day, I had the chance to visit the Australian Embassy here in D.C. to see Alison's exhibit "Ebb and Flow".

Let me just say that the pictures that all of you see on her blog and website do not do her pieces justice! In person, they are truly drop-dead gorgeous. The metallic threads in them shimmer as you pass and the wavy curves within the pieces make you feel as if they are undulating.

My personal favorites were "Ancient Expressions IX", "Bushfire 4", "Grey Landscape" and "Desert Wind". I spent a few minutes just standing there admiring it. Of course the Ebb & Flow series and wow, the wedding quilt.

The gallery space itself was beautiful and they really did do a nice job of hanging the pieces. I was by myself, so I really had a chance to get up close and enjoy the stitches (I loved the large sashiko-like stitches in some of them!) and the colors. I'm really glad that I had the chance to experience it and in such a nice setting too!

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