Friday, March 30, 2007

Cousin Jo Before & After

You know, I was going through old posts and found my original sketch for the "Cousin Jo" quilt. I thought I'd compare it to the final product for you!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Kids Thought My Art Quilts Were Cool!

My youngest sister T. works at an arts program called CentroNia in the lively, multiculti D.C. neighborhood of Adams-Morgan. It serves as both a learning center (with a charter school), as well as a community hub with programs for adults as well. T. asked me to come in and talk to her students. Actually the conversation went more like this:

T: "Come in and talk to my students about your quilting, jerk!"
L: "Yeah, um, OKAY, fine then, jerk!"

I was pretty nervous because I knew that her class had older kids--about 11-13--and mainly boys. Would they be interested in art quilts? Well...I found out that answer to be a solid YES.

I set up my sewing machine and brought in lots of examples to show them. Works-in-progress and finished pieces, as well as the templates and photos I used for reference. Mid-way through 2 teachers brought their classes of younger students (average age: 8-9) to sit in on it. They were all attentive and really into it! I wasn't afraid to let them touch my pieces. I think the tactile nature of it really helped a lot as they were able to really see it up close and feel the stitches or beads or couching.

They asked great questions too about my techniques, supplies, and creating art itself--even the younger ones. Their excitement was infectious. The younger kids left and my original group of 7 (only one girl!) were given packets I created and they assembled their own fabric postcards. They had a great time wearing my thimbles (God knows I have enough of them!) Even the teachers got involved. As I ran out of time, I collected them, labeled them with their names and thread color choices and will finish them myself this weekend to give to my sister.

I am so glad that I did this! A lot of the kids hugged me afterwards and told me how much fun they had. I had a great time myself! This was a rare weekday off for me, but one that was very well-spent!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baltimore Textural Rhythms Billboard

I was in Baltimore last night for a gala (I know, I was all dressed up and for once, had somewhere to go, LOL) and drove by the Reginald Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History located on the Baltimore Harbor last night.

I started bouncing around in my seat and couldn't stop exclaiming when I saw that outside of the museum they had a HUGE billboard display announcing "Textural Rhythms" with Valerie White's "Ohio River Blues Man" as the main image! It looks fantastic! It will be there starting in November 2007.

If any of you are in the area go take a look! I'm going back up again soon just to take a picture of it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Stardeath: Supernovae/Red Giant" Started

Still working on "Stardeath" know how I am.

It'll be done soon! I promise!

Pics to come!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Above is beautiful Loughcrew in Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Below is me after climbing up there...
Also, Happy birthday Robert! You know I luv ya baby!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Textural Rhythms Book Arrived

Opened my mailbox today and a copy of the "Textural Rhythms" catalog was in it!!! I squealed and practically hopped back into the house.

Of course, I went straight for my own "Fab Jo" quilt. It is so fantastic to see it in print as well as so many of the other pieces. If you do not own this book, buy it!!! The pieces in it are wonderful and the descriptions that accompany them are just as interesting. Because it is in alphabetical order, Sonji's pieces are immediately after mine. Looking through the book there are so many of my colleagues that I know either personally or through our communications via email.

Trust me, you WILL love this catalog. It's beautiful...

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my Grandmom's 84th birthday! This is her in high school...

My grandmom's my best friend and I like that she is feisty and stylish and funny and independent. God knows she's always been supportive of me.

Luv ya Grandma!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Show Me the MAQF Loot!

The title's straight from the keyboard of Karoda, who also said that next to the quilts, it's the loot that you come away with, so finally...
  1. A super-cool adhesive ironing board cover by Bo-Nash. It gets hotter without damaging the fabric. It is very Paris Hilton-style "That's hot!" (say it slow with languid eyes) because fusible peels right off! My friend Cornelia and I were very excited about that. Also, ironing board pads. I like mine a little thicker. I wore my old one down to the holes. So sad.
  2. 5 fake "Born to Quilt" tattoos to rock in the warm weather months
  3. A mug for the hubby that says "She Quilts...I Cook!" (which is true)
  4. An Indonesian batik
  5. Polished rock and hard carved Chinese coral closures/buttons
  6. Japanese panels and sashiko kits and supplies
  7. Re-dyed kimono remnants...ooooo...

I had considered a John Flynn frame for years and finally had a chance to demo it. I think it's great because it's like having a longarm frame to hold everything taut--without the longarm machine. However, I was so disappointed because I found the work area with it to be way too limiting for me and it didn't vibe well with my quilting style. I think the rep felt really insulted when I stopped, hopped up and said, "Sorry. It's not for me!" Great product and I love Mr. Flynn's stuff, I really do--but it's just not for me!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Row Row Row Your Boat!

Things you do not know when you are crazy enough to take on playing the guitar:

  1. Your fingers will be contorted into unnatural positions
  2. Holding down those strings and strumming correctly is not as easy as it looks
  3. Chords, notes, chords
  4. Your fingertips will hurt
  5. Your fingertips will hurt

But I love it. I practice every day for at least a 1/2 hour. It's just something about it that makes me really really happy!

Yesterday, my 7-year old cousin/goddaughter came over and was tickled to squeak through "Row Row Row Your Boat" to my equally inconsistent one-chord guitar playing to accompany her. She thought it was fantastic. I was so tickled because it was technically the first time anyone has ever sung to my guitar playing. It's too bad we didn't take a pic of that!