Sunday, July 03, 2005

Had My High Fiber Today!

Today I headed over to the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery to see the "High Fiber" exhibit. It featured fiber art that included tapestries, woven pieces, quilts and more from the museum's collection. I finally got a chance to see a Nancy Crow quilt up close.

My husband reluctantly went (he wanted to do nothing at all today), but I convinced him and a cousin to go after a great lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant in Adams-Morgan--a really lively, multiethnic neighborhood in NW. D.C. has the largest population of Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia itself. My husband and cousin were both genuinely surprised by the pieces that they saw.

This piece is by Carolyn Mazloomi, a noted African-American quilter and founder of the Women of Color Quilters Network. She was the co-curator of the landmark exhibit "Spirits of the Cloth", which was one of the first exhibits featuring contemporary quilts by African American quilters. I hope to be in one of her exhibits one day.


Sonji Hunt said...

Jealous, I'm jealous. We were considering taking a one day trip somewhere. It was between NYC and DC. Now, I will have to put a plug in for DC.

Have you heard of Gwendolyn A. Magee? Her recent works, "Journey of the Spirit", are up at the Haggerty Museum of Art here in Milwaukee. They are a series of art quilts depicting strength of spirit under the oppression of slavery. She's coming to give a lecture, too.

Karoda said...

Sonji, you will have to give us a report about the lecture.

Elle, I would be in heaven with so many museums around me!

Elle said...

I have heard of Gwendolyn Magee! I just saw her piece "Crystalline Fantasy" at High Fiber. I originally saw it years ago at the Spirits of the Cloth exhibit at the Renwick.

I used to go more often, but I moved a little further away. It's a shame not to when you have so many!

Elle said...

Oh! Now I remember where else! She also maintains the QuiltEthnic site!

Frances said...

thanks for the link to Carolyn Mazloomi, just spent ages on her website and will be going back but 'must' get dressed and face the day now, thanks again, so glad you enjoyed your day, Frances.