Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quilt Police: A Declaration!

At December's Guild meeting, we had a smiling newbie quilter who proudly showed her first handquilted piece off. I'm a fan of new quilters, because it's such a big deal to have completed a project on your own. After she said she tried to get so many stitches (6?) to an inch, I cringed when a more experienced quilter loudly said it should be 12. I was like, "B.S.!" because that ticked me.

I've ranted about this before, but somebody write me a ticket, because I'm sick of the quilt police! You know who you are: declaring yourself an art quilter yet you stick to "traditional" quilting rules such as the stitch length, type of thread, absolute precision, or the way the back looks. Or questioning the reasoning behind the piece's art. Gimme a break! How...does...it...make...you...FEEL? If all of the above is your thing, go for it. Just don't think everyone else should fit your persnickety ways.

I used to see a lot of pieces I didn't quite "get" at the museum I interned at. I didn't understand it, but I acknowledged it as something different and something that the artist "got"--even if I didn't. As artists we create because we are compelled to--not necessarily with viewership in mind. So if my stitches aren't perfect, so what? If my back is covered, so what? I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an understanding of the fundamentals and history of your craft, just that as an artist, you sometimes have to transcend those boundaries.

In the end, I'm making my art for me...if you like it and want to come along for the ride too, then let's go.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Little Cold...

We had our first snowfall over the weekend. Wasn't much, but it's still cold. I think the look on my face while at lunch says it all...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fresh Start for the New Year

Remember that big fall that I had?

Well, it still hurts and now I have to go to physical therapy for about 6 weeks between my knee and rib (phys. therapist: bruised or fractured; doc: inconclusive from Xray). All I know is that it hurts. I'll live, lol, but it's been a real pain (haha) to deal with.

I think that I'm going to finally work on those bleach discharge pieces from that time with my Art Sewciety. So much for it being like riding a bike. I have to start small and work my way back up to bigger pieces. take my time. I have big plans and I'd like to start the creation of a body of work.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I've been on a holiday hiatus of sorts. Time to shake loose those lazy do-nothing feelings and get cracking! I feel an itch to do some work!

Thought you all would enjoy the group photo of me and my guild members. I'm in the red shirt sitting on the floor.