Monday, June 23, 2008


I was sitting here thinking about creativity. I have a close friend living in the paradise that is Hawaii and working in the arts. She is so talented and creative and one of the most supportive, positive persons I know. She recently emailed me saying that she put her head down recently and cried, thinking "What am I doing wrong? Why am I not succeeding?"

I wrote her back saying that I have done the same thing.

Mind you, both of us are talented artists. Both of us are creative as hell. I think the problem isn't even our art. It's everything else but...but it's affected us. We've both had a rough, but very interesting, past 2 years. I think all creative types struggle with it. We know our talents have value--not even in just a monetary way--but the outside forces involves in our lives such as bills, illness, etc. can often make us doubt that value. I wrote her back saying..."So many others believe in us. It's just a matter of us believing in ourselves as well again. We can and will do it!"

And I believe we will.