Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Scrabble Clarification

In response to my previous post, my husband--who had never read my blog until said yesterday's post, which pertained to him--would like to set the record straight.

He said that he would like everyone to know that he does not "hate" playing Scrabble with me, just Boggle. He does, however, believe that my Scrabble win was just a fluke.

I do not concur, LOL. I do not concur.


deb said...

Worse, my husband cheats, or rather he will rathole a couple of Ss and sneak up on me an beat by pluralizing. rat.

Karoda said...

Deb, thats called strategy :)

And Elle, I heard "fluke" applied to my reign for years...welcome to the world of Scrabble nobility. :)