Friday, April 28, 2006

More Fun Times in Charleston!!!!!

1 East Battery--the de Saussure House. This has been my favorite house in Charleston since I was little and visited there for the first time. It's now condos that go for at least $3 million apiece.

Who was out in a field picking her own strawberries to snack on? ME!!

That's right! Shrimp 'n' grits! A lowcountry staple! YUM! That's what the white stuff is--the creamiest grits I've ever had. Fantastic, spicy, yummy goodness. I was so sad when all the grits were gone. I'll admit that I dug under the sausage and shrimp for it.

How did we get around our last day in Charleston? In my father-in-law's pickup! My husband took a picture because fast sports car-loving-me driving a pickup was so out of character. It was fun!

Well, the shrimp with my grits had to come from somewhere...


Gerrie said...

Oh, you made me so nostalgic and hungry. I am going to make some shrimp and grits soon!!

smarcoux said...

YUM ... oh how I miss the south of America .... dang shrimp.. here in england they call them prawns .. but nothing like some shrimp or even better still CRAWFISH ETTOUFFEE mmmmmmmmmm

looks like your having a great time.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh my gosh...strawberries in APRIL? In Washington, they ripened mid-June. Here in Maine, Fourth of July! And shrimp...heaven! Hubby is highly allergic, so I only get it wwhen we go out, which is once a year or so, and they are my faves. Hmmm....think I need to head South for a visit (either before or after the weather is hot!).

Sounds like a wonderful trip (and obviously I'm way way waaaaayyyyy behind on the blog ring and will never get caught up!)

Cheers, Sarah