Saturday, April 29, 2006

On Charleston Quilt Shops & Sashiko

I did get a little stitching in edgewise between my chowing down on strawberries and shrimp 'n' grits, lol. Remember that sashiko washout sampler and thread I bought at the MAQF show?

Pardon the crumpliness, but I was working on it on the train and while relaxing at the house. It's pretty fun to do and I really like the bold abstraction of the patterns.

While in Charleston, I stopped at People, Places & Quilts at 1 Henrietta St. downtown. it's a great little shop with a very friendly staff.

This is a little shibori fabric and sashiko bag that I picked up Arise, at a local Maryland-area store that specializes in Japanese and Asian decor, furniture and clothing. I'm always finding interesting things there--like yards of kansuri-style indigo fabric. I keep my sashiko stuff in it (and the sampler too right now--hence, the crumpliness).


mohammad komijani said...

you are realy nice and artist too.
I saw your adress in Teri's page and came for visit your site, it is very intersting for me.
I am in Iran and write somting and research about my city Komijan and some time I walk on web and talk with somebody.
today I came to your home and visited you and your delicious fruits that had gathered in you bucket.
We should try to keep the peace on the world and must satand opposite the war in the world.
I try do this in my web logs and share them between our lands, as Teri said.
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Elle said...

I am glad you enjoyed my blog. It is certainly important to try to maintain peace. I want this war to end as soon as possible. Peace can be a reality.

marina said...

I also like to do sashiko--many years ago, I actually went to Japan with some other quilters and we had a lesson in sashiko.