Thursday, April 13, 2006


I said in an earlier post that I'm thinking about opening an Etsy online store. Now I just need to determine what I would like to sell and if it's anything I can work on during my 9-hour train ride. I'm thinking very small pieces. 8 x 10s maybe? It would have to be things that people won't want to be without. Hmmm...I'll figure it out.

Sent my revisions back to my editor, so I'm assuming that's all I need to do for awhile. What a relief that is to have the story truly done. I know I was very tickled to sit down and read the story in the current book. Trust me, there's nothing like going to a bookstore to buy your book and see your name with the story that you wrote. I mean, I've been in print before--both as a journalist and in the 1st book of the series--but it never, ever gets old.

Beat my husband in Scrabble again. This is getting sad. It was close, but I think my 72 points off of one word towards the end really got him this time, LOL.


Karoda said...

You're looking Scrabbly fantastic this evening :)

deb said...

The Etsy thing is the next best thing to your own personal gallery. I got so lucky with this. It's certainly an inexpensive way to get your stuff, whatever you make, out there for people to crave.