Friday, April 07, 2006

D.C. Artist Robert Weiner

Colorwave by Robert Weiner

Is this an art quilt?

No, but it sure looks like one doesn't it?

It is actually a glass piece by D.C. glass artist Robert Weiner. According to his website, he uses over 170 murrine design combinations that he fuses at low temperatures. This piece is part of his "Colorbar Murrine Series" and I think it's gorgeous. His work will be among the 120 artists chosen to participate in the Smithsonian Crafts Show, April 20-23, at the National Building Museum.


Karoda said...

You are sure right about his work looking like quilts...I loved his Retro Geo Series also!

Dale Anne said...

It sure does look like an Art Quilt!
Could be something by Carol Taylor or Melody or ???
Off to check out his website - THANKS for posting this.

emmyschoonbeek said...

beautiful work it looks like a quilt going to visite his website .

Brenda said...

Aha! another person who is attracted to works in other mediums that have a quilt-like quality. See my post ( for another example...

Deb R said...

Whoa, that's amazing!!

Gerrie said...

I love fused glass art and I think it is because it has a quilty quality -oh, how alliterative is that!

The piece in you blog is gorgeous - how large is it?

Also, so happy for you in your new job and porud of you for listening and finding your bliis - that is what it is about!!