Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Alison in Quilt Book

I was sitting down reading this wonderful book I picked up from Border's last night called Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts. Great book filled with beautiful, clearly explained projects. I got to one project, "Earthspring", and thought, man that looks a lot like Alison's work. Turns out, different quilters contributed to it and sure enough, there was her name!

Alison, I might just try it!


Alison Schwabe said...

Hi Elle - Although I was paid according to the contract, I was beginning to wonder if they ever got round to publishing. My complementary copy was waiting for me back in Perth when I went there in octber, but so far not a soul anywhere has actually mentioned they hve seen it, let alone possessed a copy - but maybe it has gone far and wide as the publisher said it would. Glad you like it.

Elle said...

Definitely! It's a beautiful book! It's also available through Amazon too, although I got mine in the bookstore.