Thursday, November 10, 2005

What the...?

Got called in again today. Sigh. It's always something, isn't it?

This is only tempered by the fact that last night I found out that my best friend Kaaronica's book is being published--and the publisher is taking me on as the illustrator. YES! At least that's good, you know? I know how hard she's been working to send it out and all of the rejections that have come back in the past. Perseverance works, you know?


Karoda said...

Congratulations!!!!!! And I'm adding Quilt Planet to my wish list!

Deb R said...

What the heck were they bugging you about THIS time? Bastards!

Yay on the illustration gig! You'll give us more details as the project progresses, yes?

I like your "strength" illustration!

And I think you need to do the Tri-meme that's on my blog. Just a thought. :-)

mary m. said...

Congrats, Elle! Looking forward to seeing your illustrations...