Wednesday, November 16, 2005

African American Art Quilters

"Blue Dreams of Africa" by Carole Lyles Shaw

As an African American art quilter, I am often influenced by my heritage and history in terms of what I create. While there are well-known African American art quilters like Faith Ringgold and Carolyn Mazloomi, there are many others that the quilting world in general may not know. There is a great site--the virtual gallery of African American Art Quilters--that showcases some of the best of them.

Check it out!!!


sammy_bunny said...

Interesting site. Thanks for the link.

Scrapmaker said...

This is a wonderful gallery! There are lots of terrific artists, but I was especially intrigued by the quilts that used city street maps as inspiration (Valerie Goodwin). I also was knocked out by "Invitro Circularization" by Sandra Smith.
Thanks for sharing, Jen

jenclair said...

My favorite was Sherry Whetsone-McCall's "Two Zebras and a Mask"!