Saturday, November 26, 2005

Adventures With Poultry

I don't know what this poultry did to deserve this violation on Thanksgiving. I mean, a can stuck where the sun don't shine? Is it a chicken? A turkey? My cousin (Starr's mom) said it was a turkey. A small turkey on an aluminum can throne. Then again, the turkey next to it (that was actually served) was named Guinevere Alize' Jenkins by my brother--its proud chef.

Somebody save me from my siblings and cousins, LOL. There's truly never a dull moment.


Deb R said...

So is the one in the photo a beer-can chicken/turkey? I've heard those are really good, but have never tried it.

It cracks me up that your brother NAMED the turkey he cooked! LOL!

Elle said...

Yes, sigh. he's a special dude...The 2006 turkey was "Delores." LOL.