Thursday, December 01, 2005

Testudo: Fear the Turtle

I love Testudo. Maybe it's his solid, defiant stance on all of the official University of Maryland things. I don't know, but my night was made last night when he stopped and posed for me during the Terps basketball game. Yup. He's pointing at me. Coooool.

There is truly nothing like being at a big-time college basketball game. My husband and I were actually there as guests of the rival team--the Univ. of Minnesota Golden Gophers--since our friend's brother is a coach. You could've seen us on ESPN2, lol. We were a bit conflicted. We're actually Maryland fans, but we were sitting in great seats right behind the MN team in prime Gopher area surrounded by hundreds of rabid Terps fans dressed in red. Yikes. We decided to be neutral and root for neither and just enjoyed the game. Hey, we love 'em, but we didn't go to Maryland for school, lol. My loyalty's actually with George Washington U. Go Colonials, LOL!

After our little water main incident yesterday, this made yesterday a great day after all.

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