Monday, October 24, 2005

Siblings...Gotta Love 'Em

I had a visit from my siblings today. My brother and sister somehow managed to take over my computer for a few hours, as we managed to bicker, tease, and joke with each other the entire time while uploading iPod songs, playing with my hermit crab, and checking the Net for cars. Not to mention a McDonald's run. The 3rd (and youngest) sibling called, who--upon hearing everyone's voices--declared that we were "jerks" for holding a "secret ninja get-together meeting" without calling her too, LOL.

It was really nice seeing them.


teri springer said...

How does one play with a hermit crab????

If yo leave DC, won't you miss your sibs??? SOrry, just being a devil's advocate!


Elle said...

>>How does one play with a hermit crab????

Very carefully, LOL.