Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Albercan Designs

While at the Englishtown program, we stayed in a small village called La Alberca. It is a beautiful medieval town, filled with narrow winding streets and charming homes. Although Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together peacefully as neighbors there, it became a site of the Spanish Inquisition, many doorways are marked to let them know it was a Christian home. The fluid designs are particular to the region and were passed down from mother to daughter. Lions and birds representing the male and female, birds for husband and wife, trees of life representing marriage, the designs usually symmetrical. I bought a handmade and painted tile with the "la mujer enamorada" bird design.


Karoda said...

The photo at the top, is it apartments, hotel,????

Did you return to work today or did you give yourself a few days to adjust being back home?

My daughter has been presented with an opportunity to travel to Italy, France and Spain for 20 days next year, so I showed her your posts the other day to lessen some apprehension she was having about going.

Elle said...

I believe it is a private home on the main square.

I am back home. Going back tomorrow depending upon my cold.

She will LOVE it--esp. Spain and Italy. Everyone's told me the Italians live like the Spanish--full of life. I can't wait to go there myself.

Elle said...

I forgot! It's actually a restaurant and I ate there, LOL!