Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quilt planning and plotting

stained glass dome at my hotel--the Palace Hotel in Madrid

I'm one of those planning types when it comes to my quilts. I like having it fully realized in my mind design-wise--at least the major components of it--by the time I start even considering fabrics. Right now, I'm not feeling a fabric "itch"--still too soon--but ideas are forming. I'm considering a small one for that PAQA South exhibit on Images and another nice one based on that small village (La Alberca) in Spain. I didn't have one lined up to do when I returned, which is cool because it means I feel really open idea-wise.


Oh, a great side effect of this trip that might seem so silly is that I'm dreaming. I moved from my downtown apt. about 2 years ago to a place more in the suburbs (ugh) and I stopped dreaming as much. I used to have these lucid, vivid dreams that gave me ideas for my stories and art and they kind of stopped, but while travelling and upon my return they have been back! This is a good thing!

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Julaine said...

Great post about dreaming...

Check my blog - I have a challenge for the "Artful Quilters" - pass it on. ~

Julaine Lofquist-Birch