Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gears Are Turnin', Thinking BIG Thoughts

Well, here's the deal...

I feel pretty inspired right now and I truly believe within my heart of hearts that I can be a success in this world as a writer and quilter. I want a freelance existence that will also allow me to travel. I have no kids. I have no house. There's nothing that's keeping me here in D.C. I'm willing to start fresh. I love my hometown, I really truly do, but I can't afford to live here anymore. My husband is in agreement about that D.C. part.

What can I do that will allow me to travel, still make money and be the writer-quilter that I know I can be??? I need solid ideas before I can create a plan, lol.

I'm open to suggestions and all suggestions are welcome!!


Karoda said...

Have you thought about travel writing? I think it involves spending your own funds but everything spent would be tax deductible, plus the commission or pay for selling stories about your adventures.

mary m. said...


I would contact the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation...their East Coast Office is PO Box 6176 Ben Franklin Station right there in DC. or, in Seattle, WA

They've got tons of money for ALL KINDS of work...with your many talents, I bet you could secure a well-paid position with some travel...

sophie said...

I would continue to focus on the characteristics of the next thing in as much detail as you can, instead of necessarily figuring out exactly what it will be and coming up with "solid ideas."

If a job offered you lots of opportunities to travel and write and create quilts, would you turn it down if it was a real job and not a "freelance existence?" There may be a dream job waiting for someone like you that you cannot even imagine.

I was once ready to bail out of the high-stress, 70-hour weeks in high tech in Silicon Valley and was encouraged to think in terms of characteristics and qualities. Some of mine were that I wanted to work in a creative environment; I wanted to work with other creatives and more women; I wanted to be able to dress however I chose. When I later found myself starting a hat business with a "day job" as a personal assistant to a name dress designer, working in the design department, one day it hit me that I was enjoying everything I had said I wanted.

As Julia Cameron writes, in The Artist's Way, "Leap and the net will appear."

Debra said...

Although this suggestion is NOT a full-time idea... many cruise ships look for people to teach 1 hour or so classes on thier ships. You bring supplies, teach an hour or so a couple days a week, and get a free cruise.

Could you develop either a painting class or a writing class that could be offered by travel services?

(how about helping people chronicle thier trips?)

It usually costs a fortune to get internet connections onboard, or I'd suggest travel blogs...

But think of other venues where this might work.

Or look to some of the professional quilt artists on this list, and see if you can develop a class that could someday take you out into the world.

I think with Sophie, you have to define a bit more on what the next thing is for you. What are strengths? What is unique about your skills??

deb said...

Elle, Happy your package arrived! Have you heard about the Artist Relo program in Paducah, KY which is not all that far fron DC. How lucky you are to have the freedom to fly!