Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'll Take It Back

Sigh. I said many bad things about the French as I hopped on my plane to London. I swore I'd never return. My excitement at seeing the Eiffel Tower from the air upon coming was replaced with relief that I was leaving. I'm not one of those "freedom fries-I-hate-the-French"-types because I don't, but they sure made it hard. It just felt so cold there and I'm not talking temperature. Here are my reasons I'm willing to give Paris another try:
  1. the nice pastry shop owner who gave me the yummy teeny tart above for free
  2. the pharmacist who helped me with medicine for my insect sting from hell
  3. the wonderful staff at Angelina's tea salon on the rue Rivoli (have the chocolat l'africain!)
  4. the guy I shared a laugh with on the Paris Metro when Chris fell asleep and started keeling over
  5. the fact that I wasn't staying in city center and we weren't quite sure what to do there
  6. and, it reminds me of home
Maybe in 2 years I'll go back...perhaps...I want to give it another go.


J&M said...

They say the worst thing about France is the French... just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Parton Words said...

Looks like an amazing holiday. Glad that you forgave the French eventually.

Australian guy who has never been overseas. Maybe I should.


sophie said...

I lived and worked in France for several years and loved it--and the French loved me--but I think most Americans are either London people or Paris people. You don't need to apologize if, despite the good you found in Paris, you really loved London.