Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rooftop Room Cat

Okay, why are my husband and I addicted to this show??? It comes on in the evenings on AZN, a network of Asian American programming. We love this show! Rooftop Room Cat (Attic Cat) is a Korean drama/soap opera about a spunky, hardworking young woman named Jung-Eun, who lives in a rooftop apartment in Seoul and somehow ends up with cutie law student Kyung-Min as a roommate. He's immature and can be quite a jerk. Add in manipulative rich chick Hye Ran and Jung-Eun's cool-as-a-cucumber boss Dong Jun, and it's way too fun (and funny!) to see them all stumble through their relationships with (or against!) each other.

Can you tell that I love this show?


Deb R said...

Never heard of that one! Do you speak Korean or does it have English subtitles or do you just sort of make up the dialogue yourself based on the action? (I think that last option sounds fun, but I'm betting the real answer is 1 or 2.)

Elle said...

It has really good English subtitles!