Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Plugging Away on Harmony Quilt

Got home from work, ready to get to crackin' on the Harmony quilt and realized (after much moaning and groaning about it) that I was out of Wonder Under. I braved the 93 degree weather again and went out to the fabric store, grumbling all of the way. While in the store, I ask for the rest of the bolt and the cutter is measuring it out, when a section comes off. She looks as surprised as I am. "Um, do you still want it?" I sighed and took the 7 1/2 yards, lol.

Hey, Pellon folks, if you're listening...I don't know what's going on with your darn Wonder Under right now, but it's screwing me up. It releases badly, it's coming off the paper at the store, I mean, craptacular! What is up already? I thought the bad batch was over. Ugh.

Anyway, I did the best with what I have and cut out the pieces from my freezer paper drawing (that I cut up to use as a template). I made sure to trace it with that mega tracing paper first though so I won't be looking at it crazy later like, "This goes where?"

I think it's shaping up. The faces and hands are painted and the major parts are cut out. Woo-hoo!

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Sonji Hunt said...

I hate it when I'm ready to work and then realize I don't have my essentials, like WonderUnder or Peltex...sometimes I don't even have thread...isn't that pitiful? What kind of art quilter am I, with no thread. Yeesh.

I've never read any of the bad wonder under comments/posts. I prefer to have my head in the sand. I love my WU. Haven't had any problems. But, if it falling off the paper is the biggest issue, then I don't think I'd care too much. Sometimes, I peel it off and cut it anyway. Now, that hideous release...that could be very annoying. Mostly, if it sticks when I iron, I'm happy and will suffer through it all. Wonder Under should pay me, don't ya think?