Friday, May 19, 2006

Get in Gear

I turn 32 in about 1 1/2 weeks and I recently heard my mom talking about all the medications she's taking. All I could think was, "I'm not bouncing back as fast as I used to myself and yikes, is that me in the mirror?" Soooo...I joined a gym earlier this week. Let's be clear. I don't like gyms. At all. And I've always said that I'm not running if someone/something's not chasing me, but this has become absolutely necessary for my future health.

I prepped the fabric for the new quilt and it's taped onto the drawing board, ready for me to work some magic. I won't be able to do anything for the next 3 days though because my good friend, supernatural suspense author Chesya Burke, is coming up from Atlanta and staying with me this weekend. "Grey's Anatomy"'s Dr. Bailey always reminds me of her--in both looks and personality. LOL. (Chesya's gonna kill me.) We are going to the Book Expo America 2006 together. Woo-hoo! It is the largest book publishers event in the country. Publishers and authors and book folks, oh my! This is also her first time in Washington, D.C. too, so we'll try to squeeze in a little sightseeing.


Karoda said...

Have fun Elle! I'm sending your friends website link to a couple of friends of mine...hangeth in!

Deb H said...

Sounds like fun, your friend sounds interesting, I like her style, & sense of humor.

Happy birthday kid! I'll be 52 this next week. You're my daughter's age!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I heard about the book expo, and I was wishing I could go, but...maybe in the near future!

I just turned 36 and I'm learning to dump the junk and move something; but I hate and don't have the time to go to the gym - I'm a video tape queen.

Chesya said...


It was great spending time with you guys his weekend. I had a great time. Hope to see you two again soon!