Saturday, May 13, 2006

On Commission...Kinda

My organization is having a big conference next month. Okay, early next month. I was asked about donating a quilt to their auction. It is a vocal arts org, so the theme of the quilt will reflect a vocal music theme. I'm pretty excited about it, as we're discussing having it signed by luminaries in that field. I'm also glad to do it, as being a part of a choir was so important to me as a child. With so many music programs being dropped in public schools, a generation of kids are not being exposed to the performing arts or musical instrument and voice instruction. It's so sad, because it's a wonderful thing to be a part of!

I am entitling it "United in Harmony" and the pics above are some inspirations for it from different choral groups such as Cantare Chamber Ensemble and The Washington Chorus. I'm inspired by the uniformity of the B&W of their cuffs, pearls, formal shirts, sheet music and music folders. I'm still playing around with ideas.

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Jo Griffith said...

Those are great pics. You're definitely headed in the right direction (in my opinion) and the possibilities are endlesss really.