Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fabric Painting Frenzy

Now that I've resolved my uploading issues, I'll show you pics of the fabric I painted. The top one's the copper and gold flecked background fabric, but my fave is that golden fabric. It just shimmers.

And you also get to see what happens when you threaten your hubby with a dye squirt bottle!


Marlene said...

Elle, can you tell me more about how you "painted" your fabric?

Elle said...

Jacquard Lumiere paints and Dye-Na-Flow. With these I treated them like a dyer would--immersing them in the color. Then, I painted it with brushes and used spray bottles for the circles and allover spritzes of a particular color. I also uses brushes to flick, splatter the color on. It's more subtle with the solids.

Deb H said...

You've been Busy! They're beautiful! I love anything that shimmers! & Copper & gold are my favorites!