Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today has been a great birthday!

Got to work and there was a vase of flowers from my staff there and although swamped for the conference, the whole staff (there's only 9 of us and an intern!) took a bagel & muffin break to wish me happy birthday. So nice!

My hubby and I went to see X-Men 3. It was okay. I normally love Marvel movies, but it left us a little unimpressed and being fans of the comics--confused at the end. Ugh. Unsatisfying movie. I always go to the bookstore and treat myself on my birthday. I buy books I've been really wanting for a while.

Given our love of the Korean drama/soap Rooftop Room Cat, my hubby surprised me with dinner at a local Korean restaurant. It was fantastic. Our entire table was covered. First, they brought us about 7 little dishes. I've read that it's called panchan--like Korean tapas. Pickled veggies, tofu, radish, seaweed, tiny silver dried fish, and 2 types of kimchi--fermented, pickled cabbage with a kind of tangy spicy kick. I LOVE kimchi. We had yummy fried dumplings and I had a noodle soup and the yummiest beef spareribs. My husband ordered the tolsot bibim bap, a rice dish with veggies and a fried egg on top. The staff seemed to enjoy our enthusiasm over the food, so they were giving us tips on how to eat it, such as stirring up the bibim bap to get some of the crispy rice from the bottom and adding a red sauce to it. Yummy! Add to the list little dishes of steamed rice, a light, frothy steamed egg and soju--sweet potato liquor similar to sake--and you can see we had quite a feast!!!

I had a great birthday!


Debra said...

Oh darn. I always go a movie for my birthday (end of June) and we were thinking X-Men. Did you like the others?

Maybe it will be the new Superman movie. (I know it won't be DaVinci or MI3).

Gerrie said...

Hippo birdy!!! I'm glad you had such a great day.

Deb R said...

Happy Birthday, Elle!!

I had the same reaction to XM3. Not my favorite. (In fact I was thinking of posting a mini-review tomorrow or the next day)

Did you know to stay through the end for a significant little post-credits scene?

emmyschoonbeek said...

Happy Bithday ,Elle
and many more to come,,,,,

Deb H said...

We went to the Davinci Code for my BD last week. It was ok, I really wanted to LOVE it, as I love Tom Hanks & Ron Howard, & loved the book, but felt I might've liked it better had I not read the book 1st. It kind of spoiled the suspense know what was going to happen. & they did make 2 changes at the end that didn't make sense to me, left me feeling frustrated.

Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY fellow Gemini twin!

Lissy said...

Happy Birthday Elle! We Gemini’s do seem to flock together. May the next year bring you mountains of creativity.

Karoda said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a groovy time celebrating the day you were born and changed the course of the universe :)