Monday, May 22, 2006

Post-Show and Pre-Quilt

Well, Chesya has gone home and the BookExpo is now over. We had a great time. It was HUGE. Every publisher you could think of in a football field-sized area. Chesya and I were so tired and laden down with free books that we were dragging. I thought you'd enjoy a pic of me with Dora the Explorer and views of the Expo.

As for the quilt, I am laying it out. I've got the fabric on my drawing board to get started. The larger piece is laid out on a table with sketches on freezer paper. This is going to be a quick turnaround. Yikes. As soon as I resolve my picture loading issues with blogger, I'll post pics.


Deb H said...

Looks like Book Heaven! & you one of it's Angels! Pretty girl Elle! I look forward to the quilt photos.
Thanks for your compliments on my purse!

Shelina said...

A book expo where you get free books? where do I sign up?