Thursday, September 22, 2005

When In Madrid...

Madrid is too much fun. The people are laid back, the weather´s beautiful and we are having a good time. We are staying in Old Madrid, right at the center of everything. You can walk to most places and we have been exploring all of these shop and restaurant-filled streets, eating tapas and enjoying ourselves. The architecture here is beautiful, with its iron balconies and grillwork. Our hostal, Hostal Adriano, is very cute and chic. Everyone´s been pretty friendly and helpful so far and we´ve been using what little Spanish we know.

We´re leaving for the language program tomorrow and have a tapas get-together tonight. I´ll keep you posted.


smarcoux said...

Sounds like your having a great time in madrid. Will look forward to your posts of your trip.

Sandy in england

Deb R said...

Photos! We want lots and lots and LOTS of photos!!

Have a fabulous time, Elle. (Sounds like you are!)