Thursday, September 15, 2005

Back to My Senses

Now that I'm fully awake, lol, and have come to my senses I sent off an email to follow-up about it. I'm done venting. Man, these things make me twitchy!

I'm going to concentrate on going to Europe instead.

Mmm...paella. Ooo...Eiffel Tower. Somebody say "Piccadilly"? Piccadilly. What a fun word.

For your viewing pleasure, I found this old photo of me w/my brother (and cousin in the back) riding a coaster at Paramount's King's Dominion. That was a fun, fun day.

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Teri said...

Hi Elle!
I found your picture! In the meantime I saw lots of wonderful stuff on your blog. I love Guatemalan textiles to. And for the same reasons. I have a photo of my family on a roller coaster. It was my kids first experience and they look like they were pretty scared. It took a long time before they would do it again. We hang family pictures in our hall, and we have subsequent pictures where they are having a great time. The last time I rode anything was 4 years ago. One of those kind you sit in and your feet dangle... well, let me tell you, I thought I was going to croak on that ride. I staggered for 2 hours after I got off of it. I guess I am destined for the old lady rides now.. I do like bumper cars. Wish I had some of those in my back yard.