Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Realization

Some of the ladies from my guild held an Art Sew-ciety art quilt group meeting about 2 weeks ago or so. Only 7 of us. We want to regularly get together and discuss art quilting techniques and critique each other's work. They'd seen the Jazz Quilt in person and that led to a discussion of the Mazloomi exhibit.

The biggest realization I had after talking to them about it is that they were right: the info I got was forwarded like a regular call for entries, but it may not have been. They told me that it could've been invite-only. As in, if she doesn't invite you in, then you're not in and if you sent her something, it might be disregarded. I get it. Like unsolicited manuscripts. It's over a month and a half later and I haven't received any acknowledgment of any kind--written or spoken. I'm inclined to agree with the ladies and I feel silly and stupid now for having even entered if it was closed to submissions even though the Jazz Quilt is so pretty and would've been perfect. If so...

I want my frickin' slides back then! What a waste of them!


Sonji Hunt said...

Well, I have no idea whether any of this is true or not, Elle. Why don't you just email her yourself and ask instead of going off of what others are saying. Everyone has their own agenda, their own motive and slant on things. The only way you will know is if you ask her directly. Her phone number and her email address are both on her website.

The comments given to you about Dr. Mazloomi may or may not be true. After having spoken to her and met her, I find it hard to believe that she would be so callous to anyone. She is a blunt woman, but not rude.

Your quilt is beautiful...that might end up being the only true thing that these acquaintences of yours said. Or everything might be true. Try finding out for yourself.

Elle said...

These are just my thoughts and vented frustration from not hearing anything yet. I'll drop her an email. If I don't hear anything even then...LOL.

Gerrie said...

Sonji is right. Just do it. You need to know and put some closure to this. I hope you will enter the quilt in some other shows!! (Because it is fabulous)