Thursday, September 08, 2005

Livin' It Up in Sin City Baby, Yeah!

Out here in the Las Vegas area at the lovely Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas resort working an annual meeting for my 9 to 5. It's pretty weird in a way that this gorgeous "Italianate" resort is along a lake in the middle of the desert. It's pretty scorching out here to me (of the oppressive D.C.-style heat). Took some pics for you of the resort and the pretty yummy goodies I had at the member spouse tea today. Um-um-good.

There's also a shot of...the Grand Canyon!! Our pilot took a route overhead. That sight alone made my trip. It's so huge! Absolutely awesome to see like that! I love the desert and its forms and shapes. I got inspired by farmlands along the edge with their circles and bars in all shades of greens and tans and browns and grays and drew a sketch that I'll post when I get the chance. All I could think was "Oooo...that'll make a great quilt!"


Vikki said...

Isn't the Grand Canyon wonderful! I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself.

Gerrie said...

The desert is full of inspiration. I especially love the high desert of New Mexico. Have fun! Wondered where you were!

Debra said...

I hpe you maybe get a free day to head down to the canyon. If not, the desert has lots of things to enjoy, too.