Saturday, March 12, 2005

Quilters Knot! Ohhhh YEAH!

I went to our guild's "Back to Basics" Day. Everyone had their machines out, from Featherweights to Berninas, but I decided to go it by hand. Another member named Sheryl and I sat with Judy, one of the few hand quilters in our guild, and she proceeded to teach us everything from correct piecing to marking to quilting by hand. She was a great teacher and showed us how to correctly bind and template tricks. Our crowning achievement was finally making a correct quilter's knot--something that had mystified me for quite a while! When we did it, we screamed so loud in happiness that others were coming over to our station to check out the commotion. One member upon hearing us said, "You must've made a quilter's knot!"

When I left, the sky was so sunny and blue with these large puffy white clouds filled with depth. I felt really happy and way more confident in what I could now do. I'm going to finish up my little sampler. I'll post it here when I'm done. Oh! I showed Judy a drawing of an art quilt that I want to do, and she and Sheryl gave great suggestions on how it could be accomplished.


Deborah said...

Loving your new blog, Elle. Especially your weekly inspirations. Now... not that I ever intend to do any hand piecing or quilting, but, what is a quilters knot? Deborah

Elle said...

Glad you're enjoying the blog! A quilters knot is similar to a french knot in embroidery it seems. You wrap the thread around the needle about 3X and pull the need through, creating a thicker better-holding knot.