Thursday, March 17, 2005

Not Everyday in D.C.... you see Native Americans in full regalia complete with a drum circle giving a performance on the sidewalk across from your job.

I heard drums and jumped up from my cube to a nearby window overlooking the fancy hotel across the street. They blocked off two lanes of the street as passersby stopped and watched. I sat up in the window and watched the full 20-minute performance. It was incredible. As three seated drummers played, they took turns dancing. The women were mostly traditional dancers w/buckskin dresses and shawls, but the men were more varied, with traditional, grass and fancy dress. I enjoyed the hoop dancer, but I loved the fancy dancers with their very long fringe the most. The dance styles are definitely different, with fancy being the fastest and more whirling. At the end, a young man dressed in a black leather jacket and boots and jeans with hair shaved on the sides came to the mike and played the flute. It sounded beautiful coming from this guy who looked so tough and punk. Then the dancers pulled in the spectators to dance and everyone danced in a circle together and then they swirled in and around each other. This totally made my day!


Rayna said...

Hey, Elle - thanks for visiting my website -- I have enjoyed reading yours. Yes, the workshop at Coupeville was great fun. Looks like you're having fun, too. I used to be in publishing -- but on the writing side, NOT the art side. I didn't become an artist till I was O-L-D. Cheers!

Elle said...

There's no such thing as old, lol! It's absolutely a state of mind.