Monday, March 28, 2005

Look What the Bunny Brought

In lieu of the usual "Inspirations for the Week" I give you Easter eggs decorated by my friend's mom--who used them as lovely place settings for dinner.


Sonji Hunt said...

Pretty, pretty. I want to glue them to one of my quilts. Glue, to a quilt...lets not even talk about it. Anyway...they look like the silk cocoons in Quilting Arts.

What's up with BAOBOB? Why are you trying to deflect questions regarding this piece with pretty camera phone pictures? Hmmmm, Elle? HMMMMMMMM?

Elle said...

I got that issue. They do look like those cocoons, don't they?

Deflect questions? Who? ME? LOL! All I know so far is that I really do want the colored lines on a white background. I'll probably do multiple versions, so let's call the sketch's version "Baobab 1".