Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New stash stuff

It's not my laundry--it's white cotton fabric I bought for a new quilt. The working title's "Baobab." Posted by Hello


Sonji Hunt said...

Like the tree? Whatcha gonna make? Do you draw your ideas out first? Make a pattern, a template? Will this quilt be all white? Are you dyeing or painting the fabric? DO TELL. Sorry, I'm full of questions, but you wrote "BAOBAB" and showed a huge amount of white fabric. I MUST KNOW. Sonji

Elle said...

Yup! Like the tree! I've made the drawing for it. I might freehand the design right on it or something.I was thinking about perle cotton quilting it in plenty of colors or something. I haven't done a large one in quite a while. Ooo, the possibilities right?!

Sonji Hunt said...

OK, I asked some of these questions in another post that you have answered right here. Thank you very much, my dear. This could be a totally super fantastic piece. I am excited for you. Sonji