Thursday, March 17, 2005

Age and Ravioli

Went out with my family to Olive Garden tonight after my youngest sister and I howled with laughter over the Incredibles' short film.

My grandmother turned 82 today. It's OK for me to say it. Really. My family's never been the type to want to keep that to ourselves. She's very proud of that fact and would be the first to tell you her age herself. Why must a woman hide her age anyway? I mean, I'm 30. 3-0. There. I'm pretty OK with that. It's what I am and I've been through a whole lot in life to get here and I still have more to go. If anything, the biggest realization for me when I turned 30 was that there is still so much to learn and it's not too late to become incredible great at it. If it takes 15-20 years of practice to train or practice at something enough to become excellent at it, then, OK...I'll be 45? 50? So what? That 's not old. That just means that I can say I'm great at something rather than not at all. When I realized that, the epiphany hit me like a Mack truck. When I was younger, the thought had just never, ever even occurred to me. It was as if I hadn't learned it by now I was doomed with a capital D to never learn it and be good at it. I took up guitar. I got serious about my quilting. Check in on me again in another 15-20 years.


Deborah said...

What a delightful insightful post. Good for you... I'm 35, so we're sorta close. At least I bet we remember and love some of the same great 80s music. Plus I love me some Olive Garden and Superheros!

arlee said...

Gee 30 for me was a watershed year---changed everything about my life!4o was absolutely wonderful--and somehow this year i'm gonna be 48 and i still feel like i'm 17!!