Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

I ended up at G Street Fabrics in Falls Church, VA yesterday after work. It's a payday treat for me. A Bernina Aurora was merrily doing its thing, creating a flower embroidery. I'll admit I was fascinated and stood there watching for a moment. G Street's fabric selection is incredible and they have a nice quilting section. I get the same salesperson every time--a nice, but slightly cranky-seeming woman who always helps me with how much fabric I'll need for my guild charm square exchange (this month's theme: dots) and asks about my projects. Their quilting cottons staff is very knowledgeable and I always enjoy their help.

At one point I had a stack of bolts--hand dyes and solids and two Asian-inspired prints. I'm trying to build my stash and I realized I have a relative lack of solids/near-solids. I was really excited about my selections--esp. the beautiful glass bottle greens and a hand dye that mimicked the sky. I carry my list of projects to keep me focused on what I need vs. what I might grab if left to run amok. "See you in two weeks!" I told them as I left and they started laughing.

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