Sunday, December 04, 2005

Alejandro Sanz & Musical Tastes

I love Alejandro Sanz. About a year or so ago I caught a re-run of his MTV Unplugged special and was blown away by the music itself and his almost raspy singing voice. I bought the album that night. When I was in Madrid--his hometown--I heard another of his songs "Regálame la Silla Donde Te Esperé" and it was so distinctively him that I was like "Alejandro Sanz!"

When I was younger, I remember always liking other musical genres, but it wasn't "cool" to admit it, LOL. One of the great things about being older is realizing how much broader my musical tastes have expanded. In my iPod you'll find everything from R&B to rock to country to music in at least 5 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Papiamento). Music is about how it makes you feel--the origin shouldn't matter.

As the great opera diva Maria Callas once said: "Look how much beautiful music has been written with the same set of notes."


deb said...

I know about hidden musical tastes - in the 60s I was a secret Broadway Musical afficianado. Sneak up on my house on a saturday afternoon and you might hear me wailing along with "South Pacific" or "West Side Story"

Alison Schwabe said...

I'll keep an eye/ear out for Alejandro Sanz - we'll be in the music shop later today organising gift certificates for two young close family friends here who are each getting their own cd players for christmas - one's almost teen - I detect self defence on their parents' part!