Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Los Hilos de La Vida

"The Great Risk" by Angeles Mercado (photo: Chronicle/Katy Raddatz)

Los Hilos de La Vida
("Threads of Life") is a group of Latina quilters based in Mendocino Cty., CA (San Francisco area). With few resources and the help of instructors Susan Kerr and Molly Johnson-Martinez, these women are creating beautiful art quilts, many telling stories based upon their heritage and experiences. They also have a blog.

Please donate to them if you can: Sewing machines in working condition, thread, batting, decorative materials, good quality fabric, and other sewing supplies can be donated to the class. Contact Deanna Smith Apfel at hilosdelavida@yahoo.com. Cash donations also welcome. Contact Molly Johnson-Martinez at the Anderson Valley Adult School, (707) 895-3277.


Dianna in Maui said...

How cool is that? I will show this to my sister who is arriving for a visit today - yippee! Anyway, she is of Latin descent, her mom is Mexican and our dad is caucasian. She will appreciate this!

Karoda said...

How wonderful...right at the time I was first diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension I was asked to facilitate a basic quilting workshop with a Latino support group by a then co-worker. Unfortunately it was one of the things I had to say no to at the time. But this is very inspiring.