Sunday, August 07, 2005

Research & Pretzels

Spent the morning in the gorgeous Library of Congress again today. I'm working on three biographical essays for Harvard U. as part of the African American National Biography Project. It will be published by Oxford University Press and I'm pretty excited about it. Mine are on artist Varnette Honeywood, photographer (and wife of the late Arthur Ashe) Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe and Diana Fletcher, a Black/Native American woman who lived among the Kiowa in the 1800s.

Spent the evening at a Nationals baseball game with my husband. I had a lot of fun. Had my pretzel and a Guinness. Yum. Cheered for home runs. I had a really great day.


Karoda said...

Elle, this is sooo tempting to apply for...but I would be sheer joy to have access to the Library of Congress on a regular basis...that would be the type of information overload that I'd welcome! I am going to forward this info on to a girlfriend. thanks.

Debra said...


I'm impressed with the writing gig. And I'm even happier to see that you drink GOOD BEER ... not that commercially popular horse-piss that too many people drink.

The nationals are a killer team this year!! Who'd a thunk just moving out of Montreal would have this effect?