Friday, August 19, 2005

Panicky Quilt Show Panic

Well, first, I'd like to give a birthday shoutout to my brother...He's 25 today. Dang, I'm old, LOL!

OK...I was telling the super-fantastic Sonji in an email that I hadn't heard anything from the Mazloomi exhibit yet. The one she got the wonderful news and call about is the same one I entered the jazz quilt into. Being new to the whole show entry thing, hearing her good news actually threw me into an utter panic along the lines of: "Will I hear back? What if I don't hear back? How long? What is taking so long? What if all the slots are now filled? My slides must've sucked. Ohmigod, what if she thinks my QUILT sucked? Oh.No.Oh.No.Oh.No.Oh.No."

LOL! I can't be alone in that type of weirdly crazy thinking when it comes to exhibit and competition entries, can I?


Gerrie said...

You are definitely not alone!!

JulieZS said...

Ah Elle, I think everyone goes through that panic, I know I sure do whenever I'm waiting for the word or the thick envelope. Hang in there. I love that quilt, it better get in!

Deborah said...

I agree. It should get in! And I am so proud of you for conceiving it... designing it and making it! Yahoo. Not to mention taking the slides, filling out the forms and sending it all in. Of course you must let us know the second you hear the good news.

Sonji Hunt said...

You will hear good news soon, I'm sure. That's why you need to line up a bunch of shows to enter. Then you won't have time to worry about just one show and you won't even want to try to worry about a bunch of them!