Friday, August 05, 2005

Good Fortune

Every day has been a giddy happy countdown lately. Why?

I am going overseas for 3 weeks next month. My boss has approved a leave of absence for me to do this and I'm grateful for that. Madrid & Salamanca, London & Paris! My husband and two of our friends are going to see the sights and live out dreams. Ever since I was little and saw it on TV I've wanted to people watch at a cafe in Paris. I get to visit some of the best museums in the world between the Prado, British Museum, and of course, the Louvre. The Eiffel Tower! Paella! Big Ben! Pubs! History, culture and getting a chance to use my Spanish & French with a Southern accent. I love to travel. Man, oh man!!

We're actually going to participate in a English language immersion program for Spanish execs called Englishtown. We figured since we were already over there, we might as well see more of the continent. I can't wait!


Karoda said...

If I have to have insominia, this is the type of news I want to read about :) Congratulations! But you didn't mention the opportunity to fabric shop in foreign lands hehehehe

Frances said...

oh Elle I am so pleased for you all, have a fantastic time, three of europes biggest cities and Salamanca,

smarcoux said...

Wow lucky girl ... when do you leave and whats your itinerary like//?? when will you be in london .... ?I know questions, questions.. but I am over here in the UK.


jenclair said...

How thrilling! What a wonderful opportunity and even more fun to travel with friends.