Monday, August 08, 2005

Just Thinking About It...

...Makes me giddy.

I've gotten questions about my itinerary in Europe. My husband, his best friend, and our friend from college who lives in L.A. will be flying into London and immediately on to Madrid, where we'll see the sights for 2 days. We'll get together for tapas with other members of the Englishtown group and the next day, we'll all meet to hop on our bus to go about 2 hours to La Alberca, Salamanca province. For almost a week, we will be having one-on-one and group conversations and activities with Spanish executives to help them gain confidence in their English. I can imagine how confusing trying to keep up in a English-language business meeting would be if I was struggling to understand or hesitant about speaking it. I know how scared I get when given the opportunity to use what little Spanish I know!

We go back to Madrid afterwards for 2 more days before we head out to the City of Lights. I can not wait to see Paris for myself! Finally! We will be there for four days before we fly out to London for four days. Then we'll be flying back home. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself!

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Scrapmaker said...

This IS thrilling. You will make wonderful new friends and bring home lots of memories and inspirations. Have a safe and wonderful trip! Jen