Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Projects 'n' Stuff

I think I'll start keeping track of my progress every Wednesday as part of my effort to get organized, you know?

Projects to wrap up:

  1. Put the hanging sleeve and backing onto "Tish Groove"
  2. Tweak "Jazz Quilt" a bit, nothing big-time at all (adjust hanging sleeve and backing)
  3. Add hanging sleeve to my goddaughter's quilt. (What's up w/me and hanging sleeves?)

Projects to start:

  1. Postcards
  2. Starbirth: Carina Nebula
  3. bug-themed quilts related to my job

At least I'll have something for show 'n' tell at my guild on Saturday.


Karoda said...

You've done a great job with the website!

Karoda said...

I'm referring to your guild's website.

Vikki said...

Love your guild's website. I'm sure someone in your guild will mention our (5440 AAQG) retreat in March 2006. Would love to meet you in person, you're very talented.